Superior science and service led us here. Real Diagnostics is a high-complexity laboratory, specializing in molecular biology, microbiology, and toxicology services.


Our goal.

We are rapidly expanding nationally with the goal of servicing all 50 states in 2019. We tirelessly focus our resources on supporting and delivering the highest quality service to support our clients. This enables them to treat every patient with efficiency and accuracy.


Superior science.

Innovative offerings based on clinician’s and patient’s needs; consistently delivering our services with precision and accuracy.


Superior service.

We are dedicated to providing impeccable service and support to our clinicians, vendors, and employees with the goal of accelerating patient recovery.

Our promise.

We are dutifully committed to the utmost quality and professional service to our clients. Real Diagnostics provides our clients with the most accurate, comprehensive, and trustworthy test results.


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