Active/Inactive Account Inquiries

TEXT (443) 552-0214

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Sales Rep Life Cycle Support Touch-points



  • Request a sales training refresher course

  • Questions about the offering



  • New account on-boarding

    • 1. Send new UTI account paperwork

    • 2. Account is registered

    • 3. Initial UTI kits are shipped (within 2 business days)

  • Make existing account updates:

    • Address changes

    • Fax # changes

    • Add additional clinicians to Req. Forms


TEXT: 410-833-3025

CALL: 410-833-3025 x 123



  • Request a one-time sample pickup

  • Schedule daily pickups (requirements below)

    • Practice name

    • Address

    • 2-hour pickup window

  • Check on a pickup



  • UTI report/results questions

  • Clinical questions from provider that you cannot answer

  • Status of samples received



  • Request UTI kits or supplies for registered accounts (requirements below)

    • Practice name

    • Address

  • Request tracking information

  • Follow-up on a supply request


Active/Inactive account inquiries:

TEXT: (443) 552-0214



  • Compensation/commission information

  • Request business cards

  • Request UTI sales and marketing folders



  • Request portal setup

    • NOTE: Portal setup for new accounts are completed upon receipt of 1st sample

  • Portal questions and support

  • Company email setup questions and support



  • Patient or practice billing questions



  • HUB questions

  • Enable direct deposit

  • Update personal information



  • Compliance concerns

  • Mandatory training questions

  • Contracts/agreements


One-Touch Access Mobile Instructions



  1. Open this link

  2. Tap the "Share" button.

  3. Scroll right and tap “Add to Home Screen”.

  4. If you wish, rename the shortcut

  5. Tap “Add”

  6. Now it’s a tile on your home screen!


  1. Open this link

  2. Tap the menu button

  3. Tap “Add to homescreen”

  4. If you wish, rename the shortcut

  5. Now it’s a tile on your home screen!