real diagnostics

Humanizing Healthcare.

Real patients with real problems. We offer advanced diagnostic solutions that incorporate personalized treatment options, so patients recover faster.


1. what we do

Superior science, superior service, and superior speed led us here. Real Diagnostics is a high-complexity laboratory, specializing in molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, and toxicology services with rapid expansion plans for 2019.

we strive to provide the best expedited diagnostic

laboratory services.


Our most popular tests:


PCR-based UTI test

+ Comprehensive AST


Toxicology testing with

rapid turnaround

realSENSe Plus+

PCR-based UTI +STI test

and comprehensive AST

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2. why we do it

To humanize healthcare, one patient at a time. Real Diagnostics delivers breakthrough services that advance healthcare efficiency, helping solve the epidemic public health issues nationwide.

our Current Challenge:

reducing Antibiotic Resistance

We produce faster diagnostic test results that provide real solutions for every patient, so clinicians can prescribe confidently.



Real results. Real solutions.

A clear path to a REAL recovery.

realSENSe provides personalized treatment options using PCR-based diagnostic methods to identify infection-causing pathogens. Our proprietary Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST) generates an effective antibiotic solution to treat the underlying infection.


The Facts

Antibiotic resistance is one of the world’s most urgent public health problems affecting people at any stage of life. According to data from the CDC, a major contributing factor to antibiotic resistance is the over-prescription of antibiotics - typically prescribed for misdiagnosed illnesses caused by viruses, which do not respond to antibiotics. Since medical costs and antibiotic resistance-related deaths are rising each year, the need for faster diagnoses and precise treatment options to combat antibiotic resistance is evident.




billion Dollar cost

In 2011, there were approximately 400,000 hospitalizations for UTIs with an estimated cost of $2.8 billion.

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million excess prescriptions

30% of antibiotics prescribed in the United State are unnecessary. This totals 47 million excess prescriptions.

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thousand deaths related to antibiotic-resistance

Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and at least 23,000 people die as a result.

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Our Impact

Real Diagnostics focuses on the health of our patients. A “one size fits all” approach to treatment is ineffective. Our personalized treatment recommendations are driven by the unique genetic makeup of every person. Dedicated to efficiency, precision, and accuracy, Real Diagnostics provides expedited test results clinicians can trust.

The ability to recommend effective treatment for numerous bacterial strains is what we contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance. REAL results with REAL solutions.


UTI + STI Testing. Why choose just one path?

Take the guess work out of diagnostics.

Two tests, one result.